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Some questions about AR & VR to:


Robert Scoble, UploadVR

An interview with Anett Gläsel-Maslov

Robert calls himself a geek and if someone would look for a definition of the term, I'm sure it would have "Robert Scoble" in it. He grew up in Silicon Valley and built up communities as its best - online and offline. He even convinced Steve Wozniak once to donate at the chair at his university. Furthermore, Robert was establishing online communities before it was cool - in 1985, to be more precise. And what else could be cooler for a geek than becoming a blogger too? No kidding! became one of the most famous tech blogs ever and his life has been on a rocketship ever since. He worked at Microsoft as an evangelist and as one of the five guys who started Microsoft's famous Channel9 video community. Today he calls himself an "entrepreneur in residence" at UploadVR and has the best job ever: traveling around the world, meeting brains and innovative companies, writing about them and get inspired. What a life! And yes, I'm jealous. 

We are very happy to welcome Robert at the premiere of the very first DIGILITY conference. At day 1 he will be a panelist discussing"First steps in VR" and on day 2 debating the future vision of AR & VR. Furthermore, his keynote on September 23, day 2, will be all about "The future of spatial computing". 

In our speaker interview, he tells us about his thoughts about VR and AR and we got a glimpse that he is as excited about all the things going on in the tech world as we are. Enjoy reading! 


Robert, from the business perspective, which trends in virtual and augmented reality are the most promising to you?

Well Microsoft Hololens is amazing and Magic Leap got $1.3 billion of investment. Gamestop reported today that Sony Playstation VR is the fastest selling item in its history. So many exciting things are happening in both VR and AR. Look for many more moves over the next few months. In terms of VR the most exciting for me, personally, is social VR. Things like AltSpaceVR or High Fidelity or Rec Room. These let you play with other people inside VR and will prove to be very popular, especially as more headsets get sold. I'm also headed to China next week to get a look at the mobile-based VR that's coming.


Virtual and augmented reality already thrive in many businesses. How do they influence the working processes of companies?

Last night I talked with one of the execs at Ford. He said that they've been using VR for years to save costs and make it possible to try new designs out much faster. If you look at Caterpillar (the tractor company) they are using AR to help train workers on how to both use their equipment but also fix it. At Disney it used VR to design the newest theme park that just opened in China.


In which ways does your company/do you support companies to use augmented or virtual reality?

I'm working at Upload VR, which is a media site about VR and AR and also is a coworking space that holds 30+ startups in VR/AR. I'm also doing a new podcast, starting soon, with Jason Calacanis, that covers VR and AR.

(Source: Facebook page Robert Scoble) 

With whom of our other DIGILITY speakers would you like to get a cup of coffee?

Can't wait to talk with Dr. Markus Kückelhaus, VP of Innovation and Trend Research at DHL.


In two sentences: WHY DIGILITY? (Why are you personally joining us? Why should stakeholders and decision makers come to DIGILITY in Cologne?)

I'm very interested in VR and AR, both of which will be huge drivers of new products and experiences over the next few years and Digility is a leading place to come and see and hear about the latest developments in that field and network with the pioneers who are pushing it forward.


If one would ask me with whom of our speakers I would like to have a cup of coffee, my answer would be for sure: "Let it be the geek from California". Therefore: Looking forward to meet you in Cologne, Robert!